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National Security and Plutocracy

by Nash Turley on October 25

Obama’s campaign platforms and promises were drastically different than the actual policies enacted or continued during his presidency, and this has evoked many interpretations. He campaigned with promises of scaling back spying on US citizens, closing Guantanamo Bay, securing and reducing nuclear weapons around the world, and reducing military action abroad. But during his reign as president NSA spying has exploded, Guantanamo Bay remains open, nuclear arsenals are being rebuilt, and drone assassination programs, secret paramilitary operations, and large-scale military attacks have all continued or increased. In short, the Obama Administration has continued, or many cases escalated, all the national security policies of the Bush Administration. Why is this? Was he simply unable to enact the policies he promised? Was he lying?

Well, maybe, but Michael Glennon’s says, talking about his new book National Security and Double Government, that: “policy by and large in the national security realm is made by the concealed institutions”, an unelected and unregulated sector of the government that determines and guides many of America’s policies with no transparency or accountability. If these “concealed institutions” are not listening to the three branches of government, who do they represent? This is an important question and I bet the book gets into this (I haven’t read it). However, the answer is most likely corporations that profit from war (e.g. arms manufacturers) and cheap labor and resources from developing countries. A government that lacks accountability will pander to those who have the most power, namely, corporate interests.