Horse Grinder

Politics in the US are broken. This is not a democracy anymore it is a plutocracy—a political system run by, and for, the wealthy. This is because politicians have little incentive to work to help the poor, which make up an overwhelming, and rapidly growing, majority. Greater than 90% of elections are won by the candidate that raises the most money and currently the very wealthy can contribute virtually unlimited funds to campaigns.

This is why we need a constitutional amendment calling for sweeping campaign finance reform that: 1) puts much stronger restrictions on the contributions of individuals, and 2) strips corporations of their personhood and thus their ability to donate to political campaigns. One poll showed that 97% of people would support a federal campaign finance reform law. When is there that level of agreement on any political issue? And that fact that our representatives are not acting on this issues despite nearly universal agreement among their constituents shows how broken the system is.

This is where Wolf-Pac comes in. It is a political action committee and nation-wide collective of volunteers working state-by-state to introduce legislation that will call for a constitutional amendment. If 34 states pass this legislation (3 already have, California, Illinois, and Vermont!) then the amendment can be enacted, bypassing the congress and senate. It is local small-scale politics that you can easily be a part of, and make a clear difference in, that can work to address the most important issue in this country right now.

I am currently volunteering with Wolf-Pac Michigan, calling state representatives and senators, trying to get the legislation introduced. Join me and thousands of others around the country to make the change we all want!