Horse Grinder

A recent study found that the opinion of the general population (lowest 90% on an economic scale) has no influence on policy decisions. However, the opinion of the richest 10% was strongly positively correlated with policy. In other words, very rich people get what they want and the rest have no influence. So the question is, why? Well, it’s the ol’ money in politics story with lobbyist and PACs buying election etc etc. It’s all well explained in this video:

So, what should we do about it? Well, there are several groups looking to take action on this issue, most notably, Move to Amend, Represent Us, and Wolf PAC.

The Represent Us plan is to to pass anti-corruptions laws locally and then, eventually, nationally.

The Wolf PAC plan is to pass a constitutional amendment that repeals Citizen’s United supreme court decision and limit individual campaign contributions. This will be done by passing legislation in 34 states (it has passed in 4 already) which calls for a convention of the States which drafts the amendment, completely bypassing congress. That amendment must then be ratified by 38 states to become law.

The Move to Amend plan also seeks a constitutional amendment by having it introduced in congress which then has to be ratified by a 3/4 vote.

The exciting thing about taking action on this issue is that >90% of voters support of some form of campaign finance reform. There are basically no issues with that much broad support; we will be successful and we will take back our democracy! If you want to take action I suggesting clicking through the links above and researching which you think is best. For the record, I volunteer with Wolf PAC.