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The Battle for Africa

by Nash Turley on November 28

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The virus of US military presence has spread to at least 60 locations around Africa, which include bases with troops and planes, many are launching sites for drones or special forces, and other are ports and strategic locations able to be utilized when needed. Almost all of this in complete secrecy as the military used to only admit to 1 base but now reluctantly admits 11 locations. In reality, the military has activities in 90% of African nations and conducted 674 missions in Africa last year. This is part of a larger expansion of military activity around the globe with special forces this year present in 147 countries and on any given day are on the ground in 70-90 countries. Proxy wars and secret assassination programs follow where US military set up shop.

The tactics of dirty warfare which have been experimented with in the Middle East and beyond for the last decade are spreading, and we can expect that with it will come mass violence and radicalization of the people who are subject to our assassinations and proxy wars.

Check out to the extended interview (in three parts) with Nick Turse where he discusses these disturbing revelations:

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