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You’ve probably heard about the crisis in Flint where a city of 100,000 people was poisoned by their government. Governor Snyder of Michigan switched their water supply to the corrosive Flint River and ended anti-corrosion treatment to the water. The corrosive water leached lead from the pipes into the water, which is now permanently locked in the blood of Flint’s residents, causing permanent neurological damage. On top of that, 10 people died of legionnaires disease with >80 hospitalized, a bacterial disease that had only a handful of cases in the years before the water switch. Now we’ve learned that the Governor’s office knew about the poisoned water over a year ago and despite many warnings, did nothing about it.

So why did this happen? The argument is that the water supply was switched to save the state some money, about $1-2 million. But during that same period the Governor pushed through legislation that cut taxes for corporations reducing tax revenue by $1.8 billion a year, yes BILLION. This lost tax income has to come from somewhere. As the government flows billions a year into the corporations and wealthy elite that funded Snyder’s campaign the rest of the population faces crippling austerity. So like so many other issues, the poisoning of 100,000 people in one of the countries poorest cities comes back to money in politics. As long as we continue to have a fucking plutocracy, where the government does everything in their power to help their rich backers and fuck everyone else, nothing will change. And all the benefits of government, the welfare, the money, the protection, will all go to the tiny sliver of the population who are already filthy fucking rich. It’s past time to do something about money in politics, lets get that fucking constitutional amendment. If you are not convinced watch this reporting on the story: