Horse Grinder

Hamilton says: New Horse Grinder album out today! Dr. Nash Turley on his fiercest detuned guitar and political mutterings and me on the classic three-piece Horse Grinder drum kit. Plutocracy EP Part 2 is about money running the government and is exceedingly relevant. Recorded by renaissance man Tom Meyers and mastered by Ed Brooks at the freshly inaugurated Resonant Mastering. Listen to it! It’s 12 tracks and 20 minutes in traditional Horse Grinder style. There is beauty; there is carnage. ❤️

Nash says: The new Horse Grinder album is now out! It’s probably the best thing I’ve had a part in making and I’m very glad Hamilton Boyce and I got to work together on this, thanks Hamilton! I’m proud of the music and the messages and emotions within these songs. We cover a lot of topics including a song about my aunt learning that her son died in the war, our frustrations with gun violence and corruption, and my experiences when Occupy Toronto was broken up by the police. When I recorded the vocals for that I broke down in tears and every time I listen I get chills. For that song I was channeling all the people who’ve fought for the right thing in the world only to be repressed, often violently, by a powerful force that profits from their misery. Overall these are statements about how money in politics, and the subsequent erosion of democracy and empathy, causes suffering for all but a very few wealthy and powerful people. But there is a bit of hope at the end of the album inspired by the growing progressive movements in this country. I hope you take a listen and share it.