Horse Grinder

Plutocracy EP Part 2

1. Frenetic Voices of Corrupted Politicians – Donate to my campaign the last thing on my mind is the opinions and thoughts of all my constituents lets start another war deregulate the banks subsidize oil and coal say climate change not true

2. Sacrifice Zones

3. Gun Violence – You’re going to tell me that gun violence is not a problem this is a sick fucking society too many guns too much glorification of aggression and violence and legalized bribery insures that nothing changes

4. Mourning

5. Plutocracy Leads to Suffering – I look up from my desk and I know that I dictate policy I have the power to make people disappear movements to be forgotten yes the power to sway the populous if I saw you on the street I would have no empathy you are a number your thoughts and opinions are mine I would have no empathy no empathy unregulated economy with extreme poverty growing inequality unemployed hungry and homeless immigrants silenced and dehumanized veterans traumatized and forgotten mass incarceration environmental degradation military proliferation these are the products of plutocracy these are the products of plutocracy

6. Get Money, Reject Facts, Ignore Deaths

7. The Allure and Foolishness of Perpetual Growth

8. Voter Suppression

9. Prison Industrial Complex (Incarcerate and Exploit)

10. A Parent Learning That Their Child Has Died in the War

11. The Violent Oppression of Progressive Activism – I can feel them getting closer oh I want to cry how can they take this from us how much am I willing to sacrifice I’ve never felt such injustice please don’t hurt me please don’t hurt me you made a choice to take my voice this is my right this is my right

12. An Ongoing Political Movement to Abolish Plutocracy

Plutocracy EP Part 1

1. Corpses of the Poor and Helpless Abound – They are empty here and this is all I can imagine with life valued only monetarily corpses of the poor and helpless abound

2. Attacking the Dissidents

3. Plutocracy: Government By the Wealthy – Plutocracy government by the wealthy plutocracy government by the wealthy plutocracy government by the wealthy plutocracy government by the wealthy rich grin poor die

4. Economic and Environmental Disasters (Products of Plutocracy)

5. Jingoistic Hootenanny – Plutocrats force caring people to demand war stifle militarism stifle patriotism stifle militarism

6. Plutocratic Governments Terminate Foreign Leaders That Do Not Comply with the Desires of Multinational Corporations – The United States government terminates foreign leaders that do not comply with the desires of our multinational corporations and forces their people into poverty it’s hyenas at the kill

7. Privatize / Deregulate – Follow Friedman fear economy terror torture violence silence murder opposition liquidate infrastructure privatize deregulate privatize deregulate laissez faire devastating ideology for all but the wealthy

8. A Flaw in the Laws of Campaign Finance Allowing the Extremely Wealthy to Purchase Political Power

How Your Actions Everyday Make You Guilty

1. You Got Some Bloody Hands – if you think your force for good is insignificant than you are just another pawn with blood on your hands

2. Can’t Smell the Bodies – can’t smell the bodies can’t sense the pain can’t see the suffering there’s no one to blame can’t smell the bodies so they must not be there

3. This Is A Crisis – you are wasting your anger and your fear on only what you are told to fear but never you notice never you notice the rape of mother nature your bloodthirsty diet needs more land more water more lives this is a crisis too many carnivores for the earth to support

4. My Children Watch TV When I’m Happy / My Children Watch TV When I’m Sad

5. Irrational Nationalism – I have come I have come to escape a tyrant it seems I am a raging force from the south and we have many mouths you fear loss of property loss of prosperity loss of property your well being is on the edge efforts to stop me are costly arbitrary raciest pathetic and vulgar I am a poison to your culture I am a poison to your culture no you are a poison to my culture you are a poison to my culture

6. The Extreme Disconnect Between Consumer And Producer (Where Is Accountability?)

7. Conservatives Sling Bullshit to Instill Fear in the Ignorant – bill o’riley is a lying sack of shit fox news is a political tool conservative propaganda their truth are lies their facts are opinion questioning government is democracy in action but at fox news it’s anti-american it’s your daily dose of fear from the religious right the media a check on the government becomes a tool of deception a fundamental component of democracy becomes a tool of deception a tool of deception

8. Fear And Hatred of the Homeless

9. Casual Racial Profiling Event

10. There Is No Guilt If You Refuse to See (Your Tax Dollars Fund International Terrorism) – you have no reason to run your denial is everywhere there is no guilt if you refuse to see the war in iraq started on lies and corruption imperialism is the only reason george bush are a terrorist your tax dollars fund international terrorism your tax dollars fund international terrorism

11. Entertainment (Cupidity + Stupidity)

12. I Have No Choice / I Don’t Give A Fuck – plastic grocery bags lids off soda bottles olds pens broken cell phones computer monitors scissor handles zip lock bags remote controls coat hangers the clips on bread the window on snack bags keyboards outdated digital cameras old tooth brushes beach toys used condoms it’s floating in the ocean where is it going it’s here for thousands of years

13. The Military Industrial Complex (Are You Part of It?)

14. How Your Actions Every Day Make You Guilty (What Are Your Going to Do?) – your actions every day make you guilty you are guilty what are you going to do