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Politics is corrupted by money and this is the single most important political problem in the United States. We no longer have a functioning democracy because politicians do not act according to the will of the majority of their constituents but rather to the most wealthy individuals and corporations that contribute the money needed for them to get re-elected (see videos below). Right now is a pivotal moment to act—to take back our democracy from the hands of the wealthy and give it back to the people.

Wolf Pac is fighting to enact a constitutional amendment that will strip corporations of their personhood and make elections publicly funded by limiting campain controbutions of each individual. They are doing this using the mechanisms of Article Five and they are not working to convince the corrupt politicians in Washington to call for an ammendment but rather by getting resolutions passed at the state level. If 34 states pass legislation calling to remove the power of money in politics then it will happen and 3 states have already done it!

Support Wolf Pac now by donating or better yet by getting involved in your state.

Staying informed in one of the most important things you can do as a citizen of the world. Here are sources of independent journalism that we recommend:

Democracy Now – Critical and independent journalism: daily War And Peace Report with headlines and in depth features, debates, and interviews.

The Intercept – Adversarial independent journalism.

Consortium News – Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995.

Citizen Radio – Daily podcast that is a smart, progressive, and hilarious romp through all the fucked up shit in the world.

Documentaries we recommend:

Dirty Wars — Night raids, drone strikes, missile attacks, mercenaries, slaughtered civilians–these are the marks of a secret killing force, the Joint Special Operations Command. They operate under the direct control of the president, terrorizing the world and manufacturing new enemies with absolutely no oversight, transparency, or accountability. Jeremy Scahill tells a haunting and deeply disturbing story of what he uncovered about JSOC in the new documentary Dirty Wars. This film makes me feel deeply ashamed of my country. I think this is perhaps the most important film of our time:

The House I Live In — “The War on Drugs is a Holocaust in slow motion”

“Patriarchy is America’s default setting”. Download Miss Representation here.

Harvest of Empire — US foreign policy and immigration are tightly linked

The Corporation — Corporations are psychopaths

Capitalism: A Love Story – Capitalism is devastating and heartless

My Country My Country – an intimate look at the lives of Iraqis under US occupation

Shadows of Liberty — The corporate media allows and facilitates the atrocities of plutocracy. Watch online here.

Why We Fight — The Military Industrial Complex promotes war

The Shock Doctrine — Governments and corporations utilize moments of fear and shock to push through anti-democratic policies for the benefit of the rich and at the expese of the poor

Some good videos about plutocracy: